Health and Biotechnology

The health sector is characterised by a high rate of innovation and the need for major investments. It also takes a long time to bring ideas to market. In recent years, the scope of regulatory framework conditions has expanded, driven by more stringent demands from the health authorities and the general public. In both the public and private health sector, as well as on the supplier side, the legislation is diverse and spans over a number of areas. This makes it vital to accurately navigate the legal frameworks.

At Selmer, we combine cutting-edge expertise in technology and intellectual property law, digitalisation, public procurement, privacy, employment law, transactions and other fields of business law relevant to the health sector.​

We help businesses in the health sector to navigate a complex regulatory framework in fields such as pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, cosmetics, foodstuffs, health food, public procurement and privacy.​ We also provide ongoing advice on structural transactions and business acquisitions and divestments, and have participated in the consolidation processes that have characterised parts of the health sector in recent years.

Our services

Patents, supplementary protection certificates, trade secrets and data
Acquisition and sale of businesses (M&A)
Market access
Distribution of medicines
Licensing, and research and development agreements
Privacy, patient rights and e-health
Permits, product liability
Regulatory advice