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Our pro bono projects

We have a proud history of performing pro bono work for organisations that address social problems.

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The Norwegian Helsinki Committee

When Russia invaded Ukraine, we partnered with the Norwegian Helsinki Committee to ensure that war criminals are brought to justice. The Helsinki Committee is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation that works to ensure that human rights are respected and put into practice by monitoring, reporting, teaching and providing democracy support.

Together with other law firms, we document potential war crimes and report on crimes against humanity in Ukraine, based on reports from the Helsinki Committee’s own investigations.

You can read more about the Helsinki Committee’s important work here.

Fontenehuset (a part of Clubhouse International)

Selmer assisted in founding Fontenehuset Oslo Sentrum in the 1990's and has been a committed partner ever since. Fontenehuset is a unique working partnership for people with mental health issues that inspires, supports and motivates members to participate in the local community, education and employment market.

We share Fontenehuset's opinion that everyone needs to be seen, heard, feel useful, belong to a community and master certain tasks. As part of our collaboration with Fontenehuset Oslo we provide a 40 per cent, six- to nine-month paid placement to help one of Fontenehuset’s members. We have also entered into a long-term partnership with Fontenehuset to provide pro bono advice.

You can read more about Fontenehuset’s important work here.

Selmer pro bono

We support various groups and initiatives.

We undertake smaller assignments on pro bono terms that are handled by our associates, but also larger assignments that are of fundamental importance from a human rights, climate and environmental perspective.

We partner with environmental and human rights organisations and participate in various legal aid schemes. We also prepare ongoing case assessments for individuals and organisations.