Financial Analysis and Transaction Support

When significant assets are changing hands or at risk of being lost, it is vital to have access to the right expertise. Selmer is one of the few law firms in Norway to have a dedicated team of auditors and financial professionals with specialist expertise in finance and accounting. A financial analysis of an enterprise, in combination with legal advice, provides a better basis for decision-making and enhanced market understanding.

Our Financial Analysis and Transaction Support (FAT) team have worked closely with Selmer’s various legal experts for more than 15 years. Our auditors and financial experts have extensive experience in advising our clients on mergers and valuations, preparing financial analyses and providing guidance in connection with disputes. Our FAT team is an integral part of our legal offering, but also executes independent projects.

We have extensive experience of providing multidisciplinary assistance on transactions in areas such as renewable energy, real estate, trade and industry, and banking and finance. We also have expertise in valuations in multiple sectors, in connection with transactions, reorganisations or other areas such as incentive schemes.

Our services

Financial due diligence
Analysis and financial modelling
Financial support in disputes
Reorganisation and restructuring
Internal pricing (tax) and interest deduction limitations
Accounting issues