Media, Sport and Entertainment

The media, sport and entertainment sector is undergoing major changes, driven by new user preferences, breakneck technological developments, new business models and increasing legislation. The sector is also international in nature, encompassing multiple countries with different legal systems.

We have in-depth knowledge of the value chain in which various commercial organisations operate, and can help clarify the room to manoeuvre within various legal frameworks, for all types of contracts relating to daily operations and collaboration constellations.

We assist media companies in producing, purchasing and selling content, sports organisations in managing media rights, e-sports teams in preparing participant agreements, sponsorship agreements and merchandising, and events arrangers in drawing up event agreements. We also provide ongoing advice on freedom of expression and the complex interface between journalistic activities and privacy, and how enterprises can balance needs for appropriate and flexible expertise in sectors where restructuring and downsizing have become the new normal.

We also advise on structural transactions and business acquisitions and disposals, and have participated in a number of the consolidation processes that have swept the sector in recent years.

Our services

Analysis of framework conditions for new media enterprises such as social media, platform suppliers, influencers and the Metaverse
Marketing, product placement, and gambling, alcohol and tobacco advertising
Broadcasting and user-controlled media consumption
Copyright, protection of programme concepts
Personalisation and localisation of content, and utilisation of large data volumes across platforms and products/services
Content liability, editorial liability and user-generated content
Freedom of expression and privacy
Competition law assessments
Rights clearance
Agreements on purchases and sales of content
Content production agreements
Licensing of sporting rights
Sponsorship agreements
Terms of use and codes of conduct
Employment law, hiring, outsourcing and consultancy services
Technology procurement
Acquisition and sale of businesses (M&A)
Dispute resolution in and out of court