Offshore Wind

The planned major expansion of offshore wind capacity in the North Sea will play a key role in enabling the EU to achieve its emissions targets while covering the increasing need for renewable energy production in the decades to come. Offshore wind is a key element in the Norwegian government’s green industry initiative, which sets an ambitious target of constructing 30 GW of offshore wind on the Norwegian continental shelf by 2040.

The planning, construction and operation of offshore wind projects involves wide-ranging and complex legal and commercial issues, which require specialist competence. 

We assist developers, utilities, suppliers, investors and public-sector enterprises through the entire life cycle of offshore wind projects; from the early development phase and the licensing process, through procurement and construction to financing and M&A. 

Many of our lawyers have acquired unique industrial experience from offshore wind projects in the North Sea and have assisted leading players in some of Europe’s largest and most complex construction projects. We also assist Norwegian suppliers participating in international offshore wind projects in non-European jurisdictions, including the US and Asia.

Our services

Regulatory issues, licensing and award processes
Support schemes, market access and grid connection
Project structuring and negotiation of joint ventures and operator models
Contract strategies, contract negotiations and support throughout the construction process
Assistance with the drafting and negotiation of project documents
Financing, including different types of project financing
Dispute resolution