Insurance helps provide financial security in the event of injuries, damage or loss. Businesses should therefore take out appropriate insurance for their activity and risk profile that will ensure that their rights are protected if loss events occur. Insurance players, for their part, face an increasingly stringent and comprehensive set of regulations, partly as a result of the EU’s aim of establishing an internal market with joint regulation.

Selmer’s insurance lawyers can assist with all issues relating to insurance law and insurance agreements. We often contribute in an early phase by mapping the risks and insurance requirements for a company or project, and have extensive knowledge of various types of insurance cover. If the worst occurs, we can also help with coverage assessments, notification of claims to the insurance company and follow-up of loss events, as well as claims processing and recourse claims from insurance providers. Many of our lawyers have gained previous work experience with insurance companies. 

We also possess core expertise spanning the entire financial regulatory area, including framework conditions for the various industry players and the sale and marketing of insurance. We assist banks, insurance companies and insurance brokers with organisation and development of their business, client agreements, distribution and agent agreements, quality control and auditing of internal practices and guidelines. We also assist in cases brought by the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority and the Ministry of Finance, both with licensing cases and general ongoing dialogue. 

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