Venture Capital

Venture capital plays a crucial role in developing new technological and industrial solutions. Seed and venture capital funds are an important source of finance for an increasing number of companies seeking international growth opportunities. The high risk associated with early-stage investments means that the contractual framework can be complex and extensive. Investors want mechanisms that mitigate their investment risk, and entrepreneurs need good incentives to buy a stake in companies.

We have extensive experience in venture capital, and have assisted in a wide range of venture transactions for more than three decades. We have a solid understanding of start-up and growth companies, their needs, technology, incentives – and above all, the finance and risk management behind seed and growth financing. We assist both entrepreneurs and Norwegian companies looking for funding, and prominent seed and venture capital investors from the Nordics, Europe and the USA.

Together with our specialist lawyers in financial analysis and transaction support, we offer financial due diligence and valuations of companies as an integral part of our advisory services.

To fulfil our aim of being a trusted partner for emerging companies, we work in small, highly skilled and solution-oriented teams.

Our services

Legal, strategic and financial advice
Share issues
Convertible loans and other forms of financing
Shareholder agreements
Exits, sales and IPOs
Due diligence and preparation for due diligence
Professional advice, structuring and implementation of share and option programmes
Intellectual property rights issues
Employment law issues
International expansion