EU, EEA and Competition Law

The EU/EEA legislature framework is constantly developing and affecting the legal framework for enterprises’ market opportunities. The Norwegian Competition Authority and the European Commission actively enforce the competition regulations, and the sanctions for breaches of these regulations have been significantly ramped up in recent years. The number of private lawsuits for compensation for breaches of the competition rules is increasing at breakneck speed.

Selmer’s EU/EEA and competition law lawyers have extensive experience in competition law, the four freedoms and general EEA law. We strive to promote our clients’ commercial goals by actively applying the competition rules and the EEA regulations in commercial relations.

In recent years, we have handled several major cases involving the European Commission, the EFTA Surveillance Authority (ESA) and the Norwegian Competition Authority, in areas such as digital platform markets, the grocery sector, banking/finance, the processing industry, real estate and the power industry. We have been engaged in several large investigation and compensation cases and have extensive experience in handling international cases involving lawyers in various jurisdictions.

Our services

Competition assessments in connection with mergers, cooperation and information-sharing
Competition notifications for local authorities and the EU
Compliance manuals, training
Dawn raids (unannounced investigations)
Compensation issues

The team is lean, service-minded and efficient and has great and relevant expertise.