Public Procurement and State Aid

As a supplier to the public sector, it is essential to know which requirements you need to meet in order to be awarded contracts. We assist throughout the entire procurement process – from pre-market engagement to contract signing, and handle assignments across all sectors. We also assist suppliers where they have been incorrectly rejected from the competition or not been awarded the contract. We represent suppliers in complaint procedures both for the Norwegian Complaint Board for Public Procurements and the courts.

We also advise on "in-contract" modifications to public contracts, to ensure that the parties can make use of the flexibility provided in the public procurement legislation.

Selmer has extensive experience in assisting international companies in entering the Norwegian public market.

We also have expertise on state aid and public subsidies and assist companies in assessment of whether a transaction constitute aid, assessment of the market investor principle in transactions, notifications, and complaint procedures for ESA.

Further, Selmer assist with any matter related to public disclosure of information subject to the Freedom of Information Act, public decision-making processes and administrative law.

Our services

Assessment of whether a body is subject to the procurement regulations and which regulations apply to individual procurements
Drafting/quality assurance of tender documents and contracts
Assistance with the implementation of the tender competition, including assessment of non-conformances, negotiation, evaluation, access and complaints processes
Impartiality assessments
Room to manoeuvre within concluded contracts
Review of tender documents and contract requirements
Non-conformances and reservations
Drafting of questions and answers
Quality assurance of tenders
Requests for access
Complaint processes against the client, the Norwegian Complaints Board for Public Procurement (KOFA) and the courts
Assessment of changes that can be made during the contract period